Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dallas Cowboys!

We had tickets to the Monday night Football game in Dallas. It was the first home game and we were very excited to go up until Ike made his presence. Our only concern was ofcourse our little boy. Once Monday came around we felt more comfortable about leaving him with Guelo and Gueli for just one night especially because they had a generator. From the looks of it he didn't mind staying either. He gave us hugs and kisses and quickly dismissed us! It actually kinda made me feel bad! :)

The drive to Dallas was quick and the first gas station we arrived to with gas and no line was in Centerville. The gas there was $3.99/gallon! BIAAAAAA! I guess we should be happy because apparently they had gone down from the day before which was $4.08/gallon. Crazies! We had no choice but to fill up! Once we arrived in Dallas , we checked in to a Hotel and waited on Erica and Joseph to arrive (party Buds). Went to Hooters and then headed out to the game...
Roy w/Hooters chick. He was like, "Ike who?"

Entering the Stadium!

Barber (24) and Owens (81) were in the houze! Erica and I @ Ok Corral!

Joseph was warming up for a picture but Roy was ready!!!!

It turned out to be an awesome game, 37 - 41, Cowboys won!!! And at the end, Roy had everyone singing to the Eagles Fans, "NAH - NAH - NAH-NAH, HEY- HEY-HEY GOODBYE!" LOL

Take a hike Ike!

First of all and MOST importantly we are alive and well, thanks to God! Today will be day number 6 without power, thanks to Ike. But we are very fortunate and very blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives. Material things are replaceable. Family and friends are not so I have much to be THANKFUL for! :)

My silly Boy!

Looks like a Hurricane Party!

To be a child worries...:)

We roughed it up at my sis's house in the hallway!

My mommy and daddy's backyard.

Tree's fell all around my parents house but nothing on top!

God is good!