Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Galveston in March

Ethan was checking out some chic walking by!
The Boys!
My Boys! Tavarez Familia! My silly boy needs shades! Erica and Muah!! Los Tavarez's Roy all touching my booty in public! OKAY!!! I likeded it! LOL

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tori, Tori, Tori


Red head ^^

You bouncy little red head...I forgive you for calling my blog a "blah"!
you suck

Oh and I didn't know you WATCHED me work out at the gym...Alrighty then....

I even got you a shirt, I hope you like...

One last thing...quit acting like "Red" when you are going to the gym by yourself...



Tavo's Wedding

We went to Piedras Negras this past weekend for my cousin Tavo's wedding.

Our trip began on Friday and once we crossed the border we met up with the groom (Tavo) and he took us to a Hotel his friend works at. Although the room was kinda creepy (like the movie "Vacancy") we ended up getting a great deal! Afterward we chilled at my Tia Chelos house. We chowed down on some bean tamales followed by some ice cold TECATES! Oh Yeah! They went down nicely. And YES...we each had our own bottle!!! lol Check out the size of those things!!!Ofcourse mom kept praying for me as she watched me drink saying, "Ay Dios mio" or "Diosito Santo!" She even started calling me by my middle name saying, "No tomes mucho DOLORES!" That night we hung out with the groom in the room and continued drinking our Tecates. After that was out we sipped on some Vodka and Fresca Toronja or Tequila Hornitos Plata and Fresca Toronja. Those drink were the bomb! Bro claims he don't remember anything past 12:00! lolEthan ended up falling asleep which meant the party was over for me. The other freaks went out into the night walking down the main street. I heard the next morning that they had walked too far from the Hotel so their Mexican asses had to all fit into a taxi to get back!!!! 4 Big guys and 1 girl! I would of loved to have seen that! Saturday we woke up looking for breakfast and we stopped by the Plaza on the way. Ethan enjoyed it! We went to the Mercado to eat breakfast and afterwards we went looking around for bargains! My goal was to find a "frauda" (prada) or a "cooch" (coach) purse but I had no luck...So we went back to the Hotel (ta na na na naaaa) and took a nap. Woke our broke ass up and went back to Tia Chelos house for more tamales. This time we had cheese, chicken and beans! Soooo yummy! Oh and more Tecate's! jiji My sister had just made it in from Houston so we took her back to the hotel (ta na na na naaaa) to get settled in. Got ready and went to my cousin Tavo's wedding. Before the ceremony actually began there was some sort of parade going on...It was obviouse they were praising the Virgin Mary but I don't know the details of the event. Anyway, it was awesome to watch! Here is a short video...

The wedding ceremony was of couse BEAUTIFUL! The reception/dance was at a park (out doors). It was fancy yet a little wild at the same time!!! lol It really was unlike any other wedding I had been to. I think the "fancy" part of it was her and the "wild" part was all him!

This is a horrible picture of me but I wanted to show what I meant by "wild". Look at the people behind us...I'm not sure when but at one point in the trip my son went streaaaaaaking down the hotel hallway!!!Sunday morning came and we were back on the road heading to H-Town!!! Amazing how time flies!
We had a great time but it wasn't the same without her (my aunt)...

Monday, April 7, 2008

Becerra Wedding!

The Becerra wedding was beautiful and we were so happy to be a part of something so special! The reception/dance was fun and Oh so memorable. That's what you get when you mix Beer, Grey Goose, Crown Royal, Seagram and GREAT friends. The bride hooked us up with some Cranberry juice. We had to hide it under the table but HEY...that's how we roll...

Party of fun!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Becerra, we wish you the best of luck!!!