Friday, June 27, 2008


This morning on the way to work, Tori and I were on the HOV lane talking about "clean sheets" (don't ask)...

(this is Tori and Me)
We were coming up to a split and I realized at the last minute that I needed to move over to the right lane, so I did!!!!

HUGE MISTAKE!!!!!! My lil car started spinning out of control and I ended up hitting the wall with the bumper of my car!!!!

It was only a matter of seconds but it was sooooooooo scary and Tori had a cup of coffee in her hand the whole time!!! I totally expected to see her soaking in java but to my surprise it only spilled a little on the door!

OMG! Once I turned the car around and got back on track, we didn't know how to react to what had just happened but the laughter just came!!! We were shaking but laughing so hard!!!! It was the coffee more than anything that had us giggling. I am so relieve that it wasn't as bad as it COULD have been. Thank God we are both ok. The car has major scratches on it but it's driveable and it is grey so I'm hoping it is not that noticeable! Hubby was glad to hear we were ok too but sooooooooooo upset!
Sorry, babe!

Tori sent me this comment on MS:
And this morning, Loly hit the wall.....LOL I'm ok!

Yeah, this is something we will never forget.......

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Girls Night Out

I recently had a girls night out and it turned out to be a very fun and relaxing night for me! Let's just say it was much needed! Me, Cynthia and Bertha drove up to Sherlocks (River Oaks) to meet up with some other girls Friday night. It was an awesome night with great music and ofcourse my fabulous comadre who turned 31 on 6/22/08! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CYNTHIA!:)

The band was good!

Me and my BFF Cynthia or should I say Cynful?

Our table!

I got a little "Girls night out cup" Too cute!

Bertha don't choke! Someone w/hot pink top put something in your drink! lol

The bands lead singer couldn't get enough of Cynthia!

Another band member! (Guitarist)

He worked there but not sure what his duties were besides taking pic w/beautiful girls! (Too many to post!) lol
Hey where did that come from?Wait!!!!! I think we were calling it a night here.

My HCSS Girls stop by to see me!!!

Sorry your actual birthday sucked Cynthia but the important thing is that you are ALIVE and WELL! Praying for a fast recovery for you that way we can go get your FMP's
Love ya! MUAH!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

F*&%#@$ Fabulous!

Sex and The City

I went to see Sex and the City this past Friday with some friends and I LOVED it! It's has a great message and I will definetly be buying it once it's out. I think the hubby will enjoy it a lot too although he will never admit it! lol This one song stood out to me from the I wanted to share it with ya'll and wish you all love and forgiveness today...It's on my playlist so check it!
The Heart Of The Matter
Artist: India.Arie
(originally by Don Henley)
Sex and the City