Tuesday, August 3, 2010

In loving memory of
Ryan and Justin Dillard
2-4-02 to 8-2-09

Thighs aching. Lungs burning.
Chests pressed against the “Finish Line” tape.
Ears ringing as fans packed 1,000 deep
on each side of the course chant:
“Jus-tin! Ry-an! Jus-tin!
Ry-an! Jus-tin! Ry-an!”
A single tear falls down their face as the “finish line” tape snaps
against them pushing off their chest.
The noise of the crowd dies out.
Their legs no longer hurt. They breath normally.
They walk slowly forward.
And open their eyes!
They gaze around at a serene white landscape. All is quiet.
A loving gentleman in a flowing white gown runs gently to them.
They embrace. His hands leave small specs of blood on their back.
He says, “You were missed, welcome home”.
They say, “We weren’t gone that long,
and besides, we spoke every day”.
They walk towards the Throne hand in hand,
He is walking, they’re skipping.
Under the seraphim’s they go, listening to their eternal songs.
And on their face they fall as their entire soul sings out praises to God.
With a thunderous boom the voice of the Creator
calls them by name: “Justin, Ryan”.
They are saturated by the sound. They cannot answer.
They want to sing praises. They want to dance. They cannot move.
They feel His warm breath on the nap of their neck
and hope to spend eternity there.
He again speaks and His voice drowns out the praises of the seraphim’s:
Justin, Ryan”.
They can’t speak, but He knows their soul is listening.
And He says, “You really knocked their socks off, kiddos”.
Justin & Ryan giggle, “Yes LORD, we did”.
Good job