Saturday, August 27, 2011

Faces of 'D'

This is my life...this is what I live...EVERYDAY is a battle but I will win...

The face of 'D' (Diabetes) is a hard one to see,

What do we look like? What do you see?

The battles we fight are on the inside,

Battles from which we can't run or hide.

We're all just the same, like everyone else,

Not that much different, I keep telling myself.

The looks from some people, the fear in their eyes,

It makes me feel alone, and I ask myself "Why?"

'D' is not visual; it's hard to explain,

But please don't ignore us, or treat us in vain.

For if we take care, and do everything right,

Our 'D' for the most part will stay out of site.

Complications are there, waiting to be,

We all do our best to stay complication free.

There are people out there, who are so quick to say,

"If you took care of your 'D' you'd be better today."

So we take care in silence, in this frustrating fight,

We are caught in the middle, doing everything right.

When I'm happy and healthy, they can't see my 'D',

If I fall in my battle, then they criticize me.

We need understanding, someone to be there,

Somebody to listen, somebody to care.

I may not look sick; I look normal that's true,

But the battles I fight, you haven't a clue.

Look at a person, look into their eyes,

Look past their face, look deep down inside.

The secrets and stories aren't easy to see,

Especially the ones who are battling 'D'.

Although it is hard to notice my 'D',

Its soldiers of battle rage inside of me.

The faces of many, hide secrets so deep,

My 'D' is a secret I've promised to keep.